About the Author

The Procrastinator-in-Chief of this site is Erica Steiner, who is in the depths of an MPhil thesis on Tattooing among the Britons, Picts and Scots of the First Millennium CE with the Celtic Studies Department at the University of Sydney. Erica’s dichotomous undergraduate background is in both Geophysics and Medieval Studies (as well as History and Studies in Religion) – and yes they are related, because ultimately they’re both just history, only one is a history of rocks, and the other is of people! The fun really begins when you combine the two! Humans really do devise some truly incredible stories and explanations for natural phenomena, some of which Erica is concurrently researching within a side-project on the interrelation between tsunamis and sea-monsters in folklore and mythology.

Erica is also actively involved with the committees of two medieval associations, as the Newsletter Editor and Communications Officer for the Australian Early Medieval Association, and also currently as the Web Editor for Ceræ Journal. You may follow her personal academic output on both Academia and Twitter.

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Featured picture: Young Woman with Pigeon, Friedrich von Amerling, mid 19th century.